Classic Car Christmas Mountbatten Collection

Dec 19, 2021

Classic Car Christmas Mountbatten Collection
Sat 11th Dec. St Thomas’s Sq, Newport

The Vectis Historic Vehicle Club Ltd Displayed members varied classic cars in St Thomas’s Square Newport, together with their owners, all dressed in Christmas themed fancy dress and collecting for Mountbatten Hospice All proceeds are be donated to Mountbatten Hospice which supports Island patients and their families in end of life care and many other health issues.

Vickie Rasmussen was first to arrive at followed by myself at 9.20am. Members began arriving shortly afterwards, parking in two lines in front of the Minster. Just after we were all in position the County Press photographer arrived for a group photo as well as that of the cars. The 21 classics and 30 members was our largest number for some years. As the morning wore on Mike Brackstone gave a brilliant display of solo Morris Dancing to loud applause. Fred and Stripe (Geoff and Sue Deans dog) attracted a lot of donations and worked as a double act. As did Di and Mr Money Bags (Treasurer) Joe Kitney at the High Street end, along with Chris and Jenny Belford who received getting plenty of donations at the Pyle Street entrance. Having said that, all members who had collection cans did very well to stay on track for 5 hours non stop. Steve and Lil Downey cooked sausages to hungry members and Jan Hodgson had sent Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate Malteser Cake and Mince Pies for further sustenance. By 2.15pm it had started to rain so we decided to call it a day. Joe and Di will do the counting next week to find out the total collected. Due to such a good turn out, it is worth giving mention to those who were there.

Peter Bird-Rolls Royce, Joe Kitney & Di-Aston Martin V8, Steve & Lil Downey-VW Campers x2, Darren Taylor-Bond Bug, Robin and Angie Hibberd- Chevrolet Corvette, Pete Hodgson-MGB GT, Chris & Jenny Belford-VW Beetle. Mike Beston-Hillman Minx, Mike& Dee Brackstone-Honda, Johnathan Baker-Spitfire, Richard Keast-Jaguar, Geoff & Sue Dean (& Stripe the Collie)-Citroen 2CV,Garry & Angie Driscoll, John & June Bryant-Daimler SP250,Fred Vallender-Mini, David Ayres-MGB, Stan Emery-Ford Consul, Adam Ward-Bentley, Cherry Scudder and Ray Scott-Citroen. A big thank you to you all for supporting the event

The VHVC Ltd club members are pleased to have made this collection for a charity which has given care to so many people on the Island, but which needs constant funding to carry on with that care in the future. Particularly in recent times when the pandemic has curtailed so many fund raising events. We are pleased to announce that the total money collected on the day amounted to £750 We will be presenting this to Mounbatten in the very near future.