Classic Car Extravaganza (Vic Gallucci) Ryde 3rd and 4th Sept 2022

Sep 5, 2022

Ryde Esplanade

In spite of the earlier weather forecast the day dawned dry and overcast. A note had been sent to the 33 members who had booked for the show, advising an 8pm arrival at the Ice Rink car park. 15 members managed to get up early enough to be ready for the 8am group arrival for parking in the Canoe Lake, access road, near to café’s and toilets. We were successfully double parked and soon had seats and tables out against the sea wall to watch the world go by. Sarah Crabtree was introduced to us (she of a previous auction house tv programme) Sarah has a great personality and joined in the banter, posing with members for selfies and sitting in members cars.

Vic G was very appreciative of the VHVC support for the show and mentioned to Sarah that the club had contributed to her expenses travelling from Yorkshire to the Island. Peter and Tina Groves had a harrowing experience travelling to the group meet up. They were behind a tractor carrying a full load of sugar Beet. Due to the bumpy road surface, several large Beet were shed onto the road at speed similar to a Barnes Wallace bouncing bomb, one of which, impacting on the BMW drivers side wing mirror, wrenching it off its mountings with a very large “Bang”. The farmer apparently took responsibility for the unsafe load. We hope he pays up for the repairs. Another incident was witnessed at the Cornwall Slip beach access, near to the marshalling of cars along to the harbourside parking display area. A Porsche 924S mistook the Marshall’s directions and drove straight onto the beach soft sand. Realising his mistake and possibly embarrassed reversed with high revs and dug himself deep into the sand. It took several people to push him back out!!. No doubt he will remember his visit well.

As usual we watched large crowds pass by all day, many stopping to ask questions and show genuine interest in the cars. The most popular car which had people endlessly looking at it was Mike & Dee Brackstone’s three wheel Pembleton, which we all agreed was so unusual. By 4.30pm many cars were leaving, so we took their lead and made for home after a very enjoyable day at a show which continues to grow year on year.

By the Sunday the teething problems had been sorted. June & I arrived in our SP250 around 7.50. As we turned in by the boating lake, we could see very many cars lined up already. We were lucky as a Jaguar was being moved from it’s spot, so we drove straight into the vacant spot; very nice. The weather continued improving throughout the day, but with a slight breeze it didn’t get too hot.

Sarah was very obliging by posing for a photograph by the side of the SP250, which made my day.

Sarah making someone’s day

Mike’s Pembleton with Sarah in the driving seat
Sarah in Darren’s Spitfire