Mountbatten Presentation January 2023

Jan 7, 2023

Vectis Historic Vehicle Club Ltd Classic Car Club

Present Cheque for £1000  to Mountbatten Hospice 5th Jan 2023

The Vectis Historic Vehicle Club Ltd were very pleased to make the donation to Mountbatten’s CEO Nigel Hartley. On presenting the cheque for £1000 Chairman Bill Rasmussen said that members of the Club all recognise the great work that Mountbatten do for our Island community in end of life care as well as other health support categories.

The £1000 was principally collected by keen members in Christmas themed fancy dress, with their cars, on a freezingly cold day St Thomas Square Newport 10th December.

Nigel thanked the members attending the presentation for the continued support of the Club, which has contributed many thousands of pounds over the years. Peter Hodgson – Club President said, that the VHVC Ltd club members were very pleased to make this collection for a charity which has provided care to so many people on the Island, but still requires constant funding to carry on with that care in the future.

Classic vehicles at the presentation were Joe Kitney – Aston Martin, Steve & Lil Downey with the very distinctive VW Pink and White Camper “Nellie”, Jon Baker- Spitfire, Peter Hodgson – MGB GT, Tim & Linda De Bues – Rover, Trish and Simon Boyle – Mini Countryman.