November 2021 Chairman’s Chatter

Oct 28, 2021

Chairman's Chatter Please book for the Christmas dinner. We could do with a few more people, please come, you know it will be a great night, it always is. Not much happening car wise this month but I have been busy with my Moto Guzzi Super Alce. After a successful run around the Island I did my first rally on it and it was great! Bags of torque take you up all but the steepest hills in top. For a 73 year old bike it has very good suspension, which is just as well with our awful rough and mud strewn roads. Is it me or is there more mud on the roads this year? I know the farmers have to get in and out of the fields but blimey it's dangerous to come across a load of mud on a bend! When I booked Chessell Pottery Cafe for our run the other week I noticed that he didn't write it down and I wondered if he had remembered? so on the morning of the event I rang to confirm. Eh OK that's fine, how many? 15-20 I said great see you later........well I think we had nearly fifty people!!!!! But we got in somehow, sorry if the quiz was a bit tough, my fault. Geoff Dean - Chair