1948 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER Not restored, just well cared for. Original paint and interior trim, rechromed bumpers and engine reconditioned. The New Yorker was Chrysler’s flagship luxury model, with a 323 cu. in (5.3 litre) straight eight engine, independent front suspension, hydraulic drum brakes and a 4-speed semi-automatic ‘fluid drive’ gearbox. Fluid drive means you can drive all day at any speed without needing to use the clutch. Top speed is 85 mph, 0-60 mph takes 17.7 seconds and it averages 15 mpg. This car features in the recent movie ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’, starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. A Mr McGregor bought the car in January 1949 and used it in Washington D.C. until 1952 when he drove to Nova Scotia and negotiated transport for the car to the UK on an aircraft carrier! He also filled it with hard-to-get items that were then on ration in the UK. Used in London until 1960, the car was then placed in storage in Belfast and Somerset for 35 years with less than 30,000 miles on the clock. I bought the car at auction in 2002 and since then have covered a further 25,000 miles with daily use in the UK and several trips to France