1949 Chrysler Windsor Series Highlander Convertible

1949 Chrysler Windsor Series Highlander Convertible 250 CI / 4.1 Litre Straight Six Fluid Drive, 4-speed semi automatic This Chrysler Windsor Highlander Convertible has covered only 85,000 miles from new and is an original, life-long California car. From 1946 to 1948, Chrysler merely used their pre-War designs. 1949 was a big year for Chrysler and all of their models including the Windsor were fully restyled for Chrysler’s Silver Anniversary. Only 3240 Windsor convertibles were produced in 1949 in a production run lasting just 9 months, and this car is one of only a handful of survivors with the plaid “Highlander” trim. It was part of the huge Goat Hill Automobile Collection in Southern California from 1995 until sold to me on eBay in January 2018. I had it shipped over from Costa Mesa, and then began the detailed process of bringing it back to life after It had been sitting unused for 30 years. Nothing worked! In 1949 Chrysler is reputed to be the first manufacturer worldwide to introduce key-operated combined ignition and starters, instead of using the traditional push-button. Equipment includes the super-smooth ‘Gyrol’ fluid-drive 4-speed semi-automatic “Fluid Drive” gearbox, push-button radio, electric clock, power operated top, heater/defroster, two-speed electric windscreen wipers, independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes. A ‘daily driver’, it is seen regularly on the island, and has also completed an 850 mile trip to France.