The Donkey Derby Sunday Social Run:

Oct 22, 2022

It was a mild sunny Sunday morning and the October Social Run start was from the usual Carpetright car park, but would the rain forecast to arrive at about 4pm dampen the spirits of the club members.

Not on your life, there was a stream of vehicles varying in make, age, shape and size flooding onto the car park throughout the half hour build up to the start.

At 2pm about 23 vehicles set off on an 8.5 mile (according to Google Maps) to the Donkey Sanctuary through some lovely country lanes via Rookley and Godshill arriving to be greeted by the sanctuaries charity director Derek directing us to parking spaces.

We assembled in Grazers Cafe that had reserved enough tables to accommodate the 37 members of the club and once everyone was sitting comfortably with tea, cake and a copy of the quiz, Derek provided a amusing, humorous and interesting 5 minute talk about the sanctuary, community activities and their plans to build the islands first equine hospital.

The quiz was next and designed to create a level playing field containing 16 questions split into 3 categories: Donkey Sanctuary, Isle of Wight and general vehicle knowledge, with the idea that you would have to guess most of the answers and points would be awarded to the closest answer.

1st prize went to Chris and Jenny with 12 points, 2nd was Peter and Jan with 9 points and 3rd was Chris with 8 points.

With tea and cake consumed, prizes awarded and the rain starting to fall, the meeting came to an end with members eager to get home before the heavy rain!

An unexpected bonus was that £51 of donations was collected for the much needed Donkey Sanctuary charity. This was much appreciated by Derek and put it towards the planned hospital project.

I think most of us managed to make it home, get our cars wiped down and tucked away before the really heavy rain began, with the exception of Bill and Vickie that unfortunately had broken down in the sanctuary car park, however with the resourcefulness of Peter the President, they identified the fault and replaced a faulty condenser (I think there is another quiz question there!).

Thank you all for attending and supporting the Donkey Derby Sunday Social run and hope you all had a good time.

Peter & Tina.