Vectis Historic Vehicle Club Ltd Donation to Ability Dogs 4 Young People IoW Sept 23rd 2020

Sep 24, 2020

Following the VHVC Open Day being cancelled in July, which regularly raises a large donation for our chosen charities. Speaking to Ability Dogs 4 Young People’s CEO Carol Court, the club was aware of the very difficult time faced by them, which had much less income from fund raising activities which usually took place during a normal year and they were really only surviving on a day to day basis. They now provide 28 dogs to young people with a variety of life enhancing needs with a further 12 dogs and puppies in training, but also cover all vet bills, food and welfare for each dog supporting quite vulnerable young people.

Following the VHVC Committee and members recent decision to donate £500 from club funds to Ability Dogs 4 Young People a cheque was presented observing all social distancing, to them by Peter Hodgson the Club President accompanied by Joe Kitney – Treasurer and John Bryant – Membership secretary. Carol along with her two lady puppy parents, Pat Brown and Heidi Lee who were in turn accompanied by Trevor a chocolate Labrador and Dougal an Australian Labradoodle. Carol expressed her sincere thanks for our donation which was very much appreciated. We confirmed our continued support in the future for an invaluable service to the Island community.

Due to the “Rule of 6” we were only able to have a reduced presence of members, namely Joe Kitney with his Aston Martin V8, John Bryant & Peter Hodgson. Kevin Froment was our photographer and remained socially distanced. We were able to field one Classic Car for the photo shoot due to the inclement weather.

Carol Court, CEO said, “I would like to personally thank VHVC for continuing to support the charity.  Our Ability Dog training programme has been seriously curtailed by the Covid restrictions.  By now I would have expected to have had another three or four Ability Dogs fully trained and working with disabled young people.  As well as slowing all our training, working within the restrictions is having a major impact on our costs.  We are very fortunate that VHVC and other Island clubs are supporting us with their generosity, and this is helping the charity continue training Ability Dogs and supporting disabled young people on the Island through this crisis.  Thank you.”

Peter Hodgson – VHVC Ltd President

Donation Cheque for £500
Two Staff with Dogs
Ability Dogs Van with Cheque
VHVC member’s Aston Martin V8 at donation

Dear Pete,

l write to thank everyone at Vectis Historical Vehicles Club for supporting Ability Dogs 4 Young People low and for raising £500. Please pass on my thanks to everyone in the club. It is a grand and generous achievement especially as you are not able to hold your usual Fundraising events at the moment. Thank you for bringing a small team along for a cheque presentation photo. I am so glad we were able to achieve this safely.

I have enclosed a certificate of appreciation — which I meant to give you on the day. l hope you will be able to share this with all your members.

During lockdown we continued to support our recipients with their Ability Dogs and our Ability Dog puppies in training. We kept in contact with everyone, mainly by phone. and helped those who needed extra assistance with free runs, shopping and vet visits. Lots of the families have told me how much their Ability Dogs have helped their whole family during these stressful times. I am very proud of all our Ability Dogs.

We have cautiously restarted some of our training with very small and carefully managed

puppy classes. It is nice for our volunteers to be able to meet again — at two meters of course. Small steps. but it is helping everyone to feel a little more positive. Thank you again for your support. with kind regards.

Carol Court Founder & CEO

Letter of thanks from CEO Carol Court