VHVC Ltd at Northwood House 5th June Jubilee Party in the Park

Jun 9, 2022

Day two of our official attendance at the IoW Jubilee celebrations We had been invited to display our Classic Cars within the grounds of Northwood House. More Legal submissions were all overcome as in the Newport Parade the day before.

Assembling in the College car park in Crossfield Avenue at 11am, where around 20 members drove the short distance to the park. As no one was there to greet us or point out where we were to park. The natural place was our usual position in front of the House and Café, on the grass with noses to the people walking down the drive.

At 12 noon the event was officially opened, when, thereafter a steady stream of the public came past the cars and onto the grass on the North side of the building, people were streaming past for at least another hour. Looking out from the top lawn there were hundreds of family groups picnicking and watching displays by children on the reserved sports area. We were very lucky to sit near new members and new committee member Tim and Linda Debue who had also erected their inflatable Gazebo (yes inflatable!!) in case of rain during the day. Linda had been baking and treated us to sausage rolls and chocolate cake. With the dog show going on behind us, nodding off was out of the question with plenty of barking. There were also several commercial stalls selling items from jewellery to doggy treats. Ostrich and Coconut being one of them.

People had brought a variety of lunches to picnic with, while some trekked into town to the local chip shop. John Bryant our Open Day Chair took advantage of meeting the IW High Sheriff, Kay Marriot who will be opening our own Open Day on July 10th. The public continued to show great interest in the cars all day, many taking photo’s stood by the cars. Some members allowed children to sit in their car, which is always a good promotion for the club. The weather was turning by 3.30pm and light rain began to fall, so we all made our way home after a very enjoyable day spent with like minded classic and modern enthusiasts.