Wolverton Manor garden Show 4th & 5th Sept

Sep 4, 2021

Stan’s Consul was very popular
Steam Up
Wolverton Tractors

WOLVERTON SUMMER FAIR SEPTEMBER 4th 2021 Car packed and we were ready to leave at 8.15, no traffic on the road and even the approach road to Wolverton was empty so we arrived on site at 8.40, closely followed by Stan and Jackie Emery, a quick succession of cars followed this and very soon there were 22 cars in our display area. At the entrance there were several military vehicles and a few commercials and on the way down there was a line up of static engines and several tractors, my favourite things. Bacon rolls were cooked and handed round, tea and coffee made so we sat round in a big group and chatted about not much really. Lots of dogs walking their owners, must have been a show on because they were all posh pooches. Not as many stalls as before, I suppose covid had something to do with that, I wish it would do one and leave us in peace. By 1pm there were 30 vehicles in the field and shortly afterwards 23 Morris Minors paraded in, we nearly ran out of space. Some clever parking by several VHVC members got them all in. 86 vehicles in total across the site. More bacon rolls for lunch, tea and coffee made followed by more chat. I have been coming to this event for quite a few years but today was the busiest I’ve seen it there, not just the cars but the public were there in crowds looking at the cars and reminiscing of old times. The sun came out and made for a very pleasant afternoon. Cars started leaving around 3.30 and we were packed up and on our way at about 4.30 following the one way route out towards Yafford and Shorwell. Wolverton Manor Country Fair Sat 4-9-21 Had a full day at the Fair, but kept clear of the crowded stalls and tents There must have been over 50 Classic Cars on view Met a friend from infants school 70 years ago who owns a Morgan 3 Wheeler he bought in 1965 I have never had a ride in one before, so he kindly took me down the local single track roads. We must have looked like Toad of Toad Hall driving along, people certainly notice you. Getting in and out requires the skills of a Limbo dancer and an eel!!. As he said it’s a one and a half seater. Much cake was consumed with bacon butties, personal abuse and plenty of laughter. Crowds looking at the cars.